welcome to website of ko,seung-hyun

My work is very simple. I immerse myself in nature by breathing, thinking, touching,
smelling, tasting, listening to and observing. I listen to my senses and eschew
more scientific or concrete forms of comprehension. The effort of my work is
to coincide with forms of nature. In doing so, my art is a search for connecting
I achieve these by drawing, painting, rearranging or accomplishing basic.
I’ve also been deeply impressed by the sounds of life that abound in nature.
The chirping of unknown insects, the calls of birds, wind as it grazes leaves,
and the sound of water streaming through valleys and echoing off mountain walls.
At times, these sounds are more even impressive when expressed visually,
or by our other senses. I have asked myself over and over, “How I can connect
sounds of nature to myself.”Through the Kayagum, a traditional Korean instrument,
I have found a way.
The Kayagum is a native Korean stringed instrument that is used to accompany
singing and dancing.
The result is a refined sound that harmonizes naturally with nature.
materials are chosen freely. I want to use nature itself. The woods I use are in
their natural form and my Kayagums are made on the spot. Since no two trees
ever look the same the Kayagums that sing their songs are also different.